The only travel insurance solution with COVID certificate recommended by the French & Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce and Industry!

Guarantees / Refunds specific to Costa Rica: hotel charges up to 150€ ($180) per night for 14 nights 

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Our assets :

• the most competitive rates on the market

• a real accommodation insurance in case of quarantine by refund and not simply a cash advance

• travel assistance 24/7.


• clear and comprehensive contracts fitting your needs and budget

• competitive rates

• health and assistance coverage in case of a pandemic

• a service of teleconsultation refunding your medical expenses from the first euro (no prior health insurance coverage is required)

• hospital care costs will be covered thanks to a simple phone call

• modern and efficient management methods: refund of your medical expenses within 48h (after receiving your scanned invoices).


Additional and specific coverage in case of a pandemic : 

• hotel costs if quarantined, return ticket, housekeeping service and psychological support

• a medical assistance platform available worldwide 24/7

• coverage eligible in any country you stay 

• limited formalities (online or by email) through a simple membership form without a medical query

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